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This page is dedicated to few of my FRIENDS....



Feeling sad and miserable all the time, either precipitated by stress or without stress.
Difficulty in concentration and making decision.
Feels anxious an irritable.
No more enjoyment and loses interest in usual activity.
Some times emotionally numb.
Time drag's for each people.
Lack of energy and loss of drive.
Feeling worthless and hopeless.
When depressed morning is worse.
Thinks about death and suicide.

Depression is common both in developing and non developing world.

"Health workers can move depressed poeple back into light "

It can be cured complete without residual symptoms :

Counseling allows depressed person to talk about their problems and find out some solution.
Meditation also helps them.
Chornically ill patients are depressed too, so also are alcoholics and drugs dependant people.
People with severe depression can also be treated.

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