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This page is dedicated to few of my FRIENDS....


"Manic or Hypomania are one of the MOOD DISORDERS."

As he is high and has expansive mood, he is :

Talking and easily distractible.
Having Insomania with out apparent cause, over active, hyperactive.
Over active or Hyper active.
Lacking in control of social norms accustomed to an individual.
Having increased Sexuality.
Irritable when his actions are inhibited.
Over-generous and spends a lot of money.
Maniac episode is usually accompanied by one or more depressive episodes.

He is in the top of the world yet :

Family members and works mates are suffering.
He does not think that he has a problem.
Miscalculation and high ambition during that period produce disasters in life.

" Manic episode of a mood disorder could be helped by professionals. "

Listening to his lengthy, elaborated, arrogant conversation is one of the methods of calming him down.
Next method is Pharmacological intervention.
Because of their high sense of well being their complaines to treatment is poor.
Mood disorder recovers completely with treatment, many have remission and relapses.

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