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" Behavioral Problem in School Going Children "

Behavioral and emotional problems that are common in school going children includes :


  1. Socialization Problems.
  2. Separation Difficulties.
  3. School Phobia.


These children have lack of confidence and are usually shy and insecure.
A child whose parents are warm and accepting usually feels scared to develop interpersonal relationship as he grows older.
Do not criticize him about his shyness in front of their friends.
Encourage him to be independent.
Teach your child verbal and social skills, such as what to say and do when meeting new friends.


This usually occur during the first time the child has to go to school.
It is helpful to prepare the child by talking to him about these changes in life.
Expresses your confidence to the child.
Reassure the child that you will return and fetch him after the school.

This usually occurs when the child starts primary school, particularly when the child is anxious or over protected. School refusal in an older child however can be a sign of serious emotional disorder.
Be firm with all young school refuses and insist a returning them to school as soon as possible.

You may need the support of the school in order to reduce the fear of the child

Take out the fear from the child Separation from home and family Stressful events in family

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