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" Worry and Anxiety is the international symptom."

It becomes abnormal when :

You worry about things that are not serious.
it persists for long time after the problem has gone.
it effects your daily routine.

people with Anxiety usually complains of :

Some thing unpleasant is going to happen to them with out facts.
Gets irritated easily and can't concentrate.
Becomes depressed and have difficulty in falling asleep.
Fast heart-beats, stomach ache and diarrhea.
Cold extremities and tremble a lot.
Frequent urge to pass urine.
Tingling sensations in their hands and feet's.
Very quick breathing or air hunger.
Bad head aches, feels dizzy or faint.

Methods to relax from Anxiety :
These includes :

  1. Meditation ( Mental relaxation )
  2. Progressive muscle relaxation ( Physical relaxation )

" By putting your body at ease, the mind also becomes calm ( VISE-VERSA )"

When one starts working you, substitute with some positive, mental or physical activity.
Don't drink alcohol because of your worries, you may get addicted, as it relieves your anxiety for a while only.
Help the anxious people find feasible ways to face their life problems.
Meditation is needed only in crisis.

When anxiety is very severe, you may develop what we call is PANIC ATTACK. Which means extreme anxiety with chaotic motor and mental disturbance.
You feel very breathless, your heart is pounding, you think you are going to die just now, you are very restless. These are because of the chemical releases from the from nerve ending. Don't worry it will subside.
Worrying itself can make you feel sick as well as worsen and illness you might already have, either way. It will add to your problem.


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