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" Schizophrenia develops slowly over a period of time. while many a times it occurs, when a person is young or an adult. It can develop later in life as well."

How do we recognize people suffering from Schizophrenia ?

Some common symptoms :


Lack of personal hygiene, appearance may be unkept and untidy.

Behavior :
Stay in their own world, rarely, violent, muttering to himself or gestures to themselves, strange behavior.

Thinking :

Difficulty in in keeping their thoughts in proper state, jump from one topic to another, hearing voices, speaking to themselves, having peculiar ideas that seems strange or unrealistic.

Speech :

Difficult to understand, irrelevant talk, they may ask or say things which do not make sense.

Emotions :

They appear frightened or withdrawn showing unconcern about events around them. At times every sad or happy, inappropriate emotion to circumstances.

Suggestions for their family members :

Family members should be involved in the treatment and the rehabilitation of such cases. HELP COULD BE PROVIDED BY THE FAMILY Revise your expectation. Person's with Schizophrenia have an increased need for sleep, rest and limited activities. They can't be as active and involved as they were before. If they are doing well under sheltered environment, it is an encouragement.

Avoid Conflicts :

Avoid giving in or making special allowances. Avoid threat. Decide on what rules are fair. Try to keep the limits simple and few in number.
Keep communication clear and simple.
Be involved with medication and professional care.

There are many mistaken ideas about SCHIZOPHRENIA. What doctor's today know is that it is a medical condition and can be treated professionally.

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