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"Common Sexual Problems : "


Ignorance about sexual matters.
Relationship problems with partner.
Internal doubts or conflicts about own sexuality.
Anxiety and depression.
Discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse.
Premature ejaculation.
Difficulty in having and erection.
Lack of orgasm (Anxiety is the usual cause).
Masturbation and guilt.

Sexual Health involves not only physical but also emotional and social aspects....

Good Sexual Health means being able to :


Feel comfortable with one's sexuality.
Combines sex and intimacy without guilt.
Communicate well with your partner.
Bring warmth and tenderness to a relationship.

Our sexual health and behavior are affected by a number of factors :

Personal and Social ethics :
It is very much influence by cultural background, upbringing, religious beliefs and social customs. Feeling of fear, shame, guilt and other inhibitions also play an important role ...

Physical Illness :

Spinal cord injury.
Diseases that cause hormonal imbalances and after effect the blood supply to the genitals can interfere with sexual functions.
Drugs ( Antihypertensive ) alcohol and narcotic drugs.

Contact Health Centers if you are faceing any sexual problems....don't neglect it, it might cost you your relationship....

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