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This page is dedicated to few of my FRIENDS....

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"Abnormal thoughts and ideas which keeps on coming in person's mind, despite their resistance. They know that these thoughts are irrational and they can't help it."

For example :

They believe that their hands are contaminated with germs. Some become obsessed about making mistakes in their calculation, while others develop emotional fears about getting CANCER of SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE (STD).

Obessions are the irrational ideas which keeps on coming ...

Compulsions are actions which the person repeatedly do to relieve the distress and anxiety in connection with their irrational ideas. these actions becomes a series of rituals which can disrupt their daily activities.

For example :

Some people keep washing their hands until the skin is raw and torn because they have the obsession that their hands are contaminated.

OCD can be treated :
Mild cases with series of ritual behavior will respond to counseling and encouragement. People with OCD should be sent by a doctor who will deiced on the best form of treatment.

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