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This page is dedicated to few of my FRIENDS....

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" GRIEF is the reaction to loss of loved ones, including loss of reputation and material things.
Most of us experience it at some points in our lives

Normal Grief :

Feeling numb and finding it difficult to carry ones daily activities.
Becomes occupied with memories of the deceased.
Searching behavior.
Extreme sadness.
Feel guilty and even accuses themselves of neglecting the deceased while he/she was alive.
Sleep disturbance.
After about (6) months, most people finally come to terms with their loss but grief may reoccur, especially at anniversaries.

Abnormal Grief :

OCCURS TO 15% OF THE PEOPLE The bereaved person doesn't accept the loss. Prolonged numbness and lack of emotions often engage themselves in work or other activities to distract themselves from the loss.
The symptoms of abnormal grief that prolong for more than (6) months and difficult to accept the loss are :

Having signs and symptoms of the deceased person.
Easily gets depressed and cry.
Having strong feeling of guilt and self blame.
Feels angry and cuts himself off from family and friends.
Frequent suicidal ideation's.

Helping the Bereaved :

Friends and relatives can help by providing support and understanding.
Abnormal grief may need professional's help.
They are likely to have difficulty in establishing relationship.
They could be helped by counseling.

If they are very depressed and suicidal, they may need treatment and short term hospital admission.

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